Snowy Mid-Day Ride

You probably won't see any snow in these photos. Nothing had stuck to the ground while we were riding. But there was enough to really blur your vision on those fast technical descents.

Justin and I headed out over lunch today to get in a quick ride. It was cut short by him taking a little spill. Long story short, he went missing for about 25 minutes. When I finally turned back and found him he said, "I went over my handlebars, then I had this weird dream..." He continued by telling me how weird his dream was, only to be interrupted by me telling him it was, in fact, weird to be having a dream while riding a mountain bike. Yes, I think he knocked himself out. He was under the impression it had only been minutes. We ran through all the relevant do-you-have-a-concussion questions... most of which he failed. Then when we got to my car he promptly fell asleep. Hmmm. Seems pretty obvious to me.

Anyway, here's how it all went.
I found a Billy Ray Cyrus CD. Jealous?
And waiting...
Oh! There's Justin after his little nighty-night time in the woods.

All is well. He's taking all the necessary precautions. He seems a lot more normal after a couple hours of rest.

Get out there.

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