Ortlieb Warranty

Several months ago I ripped one of my Ortlieb bags on a camping trip. I knew they had a pretty good warranty (now I know it's actually a 5 year warranty), so I headed to the bike shop for some replacements shortly after my snafu. They gave me the thumbs up on replacing them, but I had to wait for the bags to come in from Germany.
It seems that Ortlieb gave priority to some other paying customers and after being bumped to the bottom of the list, I finally have some new panniers in hand. I'm not one to get grumpy over customer service. It really doesn't bother me that it took them 5 months to get the bags back to me. The bike shop was nice enough to let me hold on to the ripped bag (with a stellar tape job) while the new ones were in transit. So I still had two panniers. The only functionality that was lost was the water resistance.

At this point, I'm just happy to have them replaced. It'll be nice to run some new fancy bags. It's time to get these bad boys dirty!

Get out there.

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  1. Did you deal with the US office of Ortlieb? Ive had to get warranty work a few times and the office in Seattle was always really fast to repair or replace.