Eno Hammock Time

Sometimes I'll randomly throw things into a backpack and go for a ride. Today, I threw my hammock in my backpack. The hammock is great when the weather is warm but cold weather, matched with thin nylon and a breeze blowing above and below you, makes it pretty unusable. And with my phone telling me it was 41 degrees out, I didn't plan on using it. Like I said, it was random. But when I rode up on the trails, this is what I saw...
Someone had taken logs and blocked the trail. Not just here, but  you can see more logs about 30 feet down the trail doing the same thing. And about every 30 feet or so, there were more and more logs. I'm not sure if the parks and recreation people are doing this. My guess is that when the trails are wet and muddy, they don't want people riding them and eroding them away. That's one theory. My other theory is that people are just being buttholes. If it is the parks department, I would suggest they invest in a sign or something. This didn't stop me from riding. It just annoyed me.

But after so long of dodging logs on the trail, I decided I had had enough. I was going to give the hammock a whirl. I busted out my coffee and my Kindle (two things I have on almost every ride) and set up mini-camp.
There was a perfect spot by the creek. To me, there's no better combo than coffee, bikes, reading and prayer. This morning was more therapeutic and needed than a fast and hard bike ride.
The view from the hammock isn't bad, either. I never got cold until I started packing up to leave. When the chill creeped in, I poured more coffee. I even set an alarm because I was so cozy. It never happened, but I did feel a small threat of dozing off. I didn't want to wake up at lunch time and be late for work :)
It feels great to have rested. I'm glad the mud kept me from riding hard for an hour and a half. My day is better for it.

Get out there.

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