Windy Morning

This morning I was tempted to listen to that wind advisory and say that the "wise choice" would be to park the bike and drive in. Fortunately for me, I don't listen to wisdom like I should. I hopped on the bike and it was an awesome morning... with 25-35mph with 45mph gusts... and they were at my back. I could have coasted the entire way to work if I had liked. It was awesome.

There was also a beautiful sunrise this morning. It's such a great time of year to bike commute. I spent 45 minutes with purple skies above me and a cool breeze at my back. What a great way to start your day.

Get out there.

1 comment:

  1. Red sky in the morning, take warning. Be careful on the way home. Tornado watch until 4 pm. :) Lexington is in a high risk for severe weather today.