Scout Night

Last night I had a really fun opportunity to hang out with some Cub Scouts and talk about bike safety, maintenance and use. A buddy invited me to come into the troop and share what I use my bikes for and how I take care of them. It was a really enjoyable night. The boys had lots of fun questions and observations, and by the end, lots of the parents were asking about cycling as well.

I was surprised by the general interest of the parents. "Where should I buy a bike?" "What kind of seat is the best?" "Where are the safest roads in town?" They were as interested in cycling as the boys. It was really encouraging to hear.

The highlights of the night were the Xtracycle and the free Bike Lexington blinkie lights I gave the boys. Big thanks to Bike Lexington for sharing the love and hooking me up.

The ride home was great. It was the perfect temp for some night riding. I love riding at night!

Get out there.

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  1. Thanks again for coming by and talking to the boys and the parents.