Legacy Trail

The entire family headed out onto the Legacy Trail for a nice little ride this weekend. I love taking the kids on a designated bike trail versus open roads. I'm not at all uncomfortable on the road. It's just nice to completely eliminate the threats that cars bring when you're hauling your little ones.

We were able to take a little picnic moment together. Who doesn't love a good juice box and granola bar halfway through a ride?

I love my girls. The boys eat it up. But it would be justified if the ladies scoffed at our desire to sweat and get stinky. They don't. They love it. I really appreciate Angie for the kind of woman she is. And she's the perfect woman for Bliss to model herself after. I'm blessed to have them!

Angie's bike had a flat so we opted for the Cross Check as her ride. It was the first time she had ever ridden it, but adjusted pretty quickly. Her Kona is more of a hybrid geometry, so this thing made her feel quite Armstrong-ish. Within minutes, through, she was totally used to the feel. Man, she's beautiful... sorry. I digress.

And lastly, here's a lot of family in one shadow. Yep, that's five of us riding together, laughing together and genuinely enjoying our time together. A bike ride is such a great tool for family health... physically and mentally.

Get out there.

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