More of the Same... but Different

More snow riding this week. I still can't believe we've gotten enough to get in a few rides on the white stuff. Riding in snow is so different, too. You just take 'er slow and trudge along... that's just my style!
It's also nice to get some time in on the Troll. I love this bike so much and the wet winters usually leave me desiring time on the fatter tired bike.
It's no fat bike. But the 2.4" rubber does a great job on snow. I've passed several other riders out there and my footprint is always twice as wide as theirs. They may be on a 2" tire. But I've got just enough plush to drop the pressure super low in the snow. That leaves me with a lot more rubber on the white slippery stuff. I have gone to some cheapo platform pedals for a while. My clipless shows just aren't warm enough for super wintry rides. So platforms and hiking boots are the key.

Here's to more accumulation!

Get out there.

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  1. We've had quite an accumulation of the white stuff here, plenty for me to ski on. I've seen several fat bike riders on trails and on Lake Champlain. It's nearly frozen over this year, and with ample snow on it's surface, it's prime for riding.