Another Opportunity!

Believe it or not, us Kentuckians had another dump of snow yesterday! So I took the opportunity to hit up some trails on the Troll yesterday.
What is that that I spy? Krampus tracks! I chased a set of Knard tracks with a second set of MTB tracks along side them. I never caught up. But at the end of the ride, I finally saw a male/female duo loading their respective bikes on their car rack. If I had to guess, Husband probably talked Wife into riding in this stuff to test out his new fatties. Meanwhile, Wife was suffering through the punishment that the skinny tires were throwing at her.
That's about where I was. It was a whole lot of fun. But it was exhausting. I did one lap in about 30 minutes. Usually, I think it's about 14. But it was so fun to be out.
Snow makes for fun opportunities to track the wildlife, too. Lots of deer and (what I would guess to be) raccoon tracks were out there.
There's also a freshness to the beauty that snow brings. The water was visually enticing, too. It beckoned me to reach down and fill up my water bottle... which I did not do... but I wanted to... but that's gross.

It looks like all this may be gone by tomorrow. So I'm glad I took advantage!

Get out there.

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