High Waters

Yesterday presented an opportunity to ride a 20ish miler in my back yard of Jessamine County. Jason joined me for a scouting trip to one of my favorite destinations.
There's a little road called Brumfield Lane that offers up some great views (along with great climbing) followed by a fun creek crossing.
Normally, the water is flowing slowly right around knee level. I've even crossed when the water was nearly up to my waist. But yesterday it was super high and really fast.
These trees are normally on the bank of the water, not in the water.
Since water was up, there were several little tributaries, which are usually dry, that held water. We took that opportunity to do a little exploring.
Then we had to slog our way back up the mountainside. You can see right behind Jason that the road just drops off completely. More fun riding down than up!

It was a great ride, though. Jason and I weren't both on our road bikes (me on the Cross Check). It feels so fast and responsive. But I always keep that boy scout mindset. I want to be prepared for anything. While riding through those creek beds full of water, I was longing for the 2" tires on the LHT. The thin-to-me 28mm tires on the Cross Check didn't like those rocky creek beds so much. But it certainly feels better on the pavement!

Get out there.

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