Change is Coming

Riding on this iteration of the LHT is about to come to an end. In the trunk of my car is a brand spanking new Disc Truck frame. And the full run of components and parts on the LHT will be moving over to that frame. So what's to come of this LHT? I've got an internally geared hub, some cruiser bars and fatty tires to make this big guy my foul weather bike. Being that this has been my go-to ride for the last couple years, it's strange to change it. Why mess with a good thing, right?

We'll see.

Get out there.


  1. "Why mess with a good thing, right?"

    In hopes of arriving at two good things. I hope it works as planned. Keep us posted.

  2. You've been warned. I have a prettier version these days, but not sure it's more useful. New disc 26 or 700?

    1. New Disc Trucker is a 26. Hopefully it mimics the exact set-up as the LHT but with greater braking power. But I thought of you when I was trying to pull this off. We'll see!

  3. Hi Derrick, Got here by way of Annie's blog. Disc trucker is on my wish list. I have a Trucker that has served me so well for five years of tours and I have dialed in the fit over those touring days. That is exactly the question I keep asking myself, "Why mess with a good thing?" I was all good with it until I finally popped for an Ogre last summer. Ogre is my first experience with disc brakes and the beauty of them has upped my bar. I am back on the ten dollars here and there going into an envelope for the disc trucker. Damn you Surly bikes for tempting me!!
    Good blog, I'll be reading and catching up!
    Jim Bangs