Micro Touring

The first time I heard the term micro-tour it was from Pondero. It's a fantastic concept. It's basically just taking all your stuff that comes with the idea of touring or camping and applying it to a single ride. You're not on a full on tour. But you can make a meal, take a nap and even drink some coffee if you're into that sort of thing... you know... the perfect sort of thing.
Today's lunch break offered up the opportunity to ride out do that very thing. I took supplies for some gourmet oatmeal including nuts, apples and dried cranberries. Both warm and delicious on this chilly day.
After finishing lunch I took a little walk while sipping my coffee.
Perfection in a lunch break. It totally recharges one's batteries.

Get out there.


  1. Brilliant execution! You are an artist.

  2. Nice stuff. I usually just stop at a Dunkin Donut shop while on a mini tour. Or a bar perhaps.

  3. Maybe this is a better place to post the coke can cooker: