New Digs

The LHT got it's last installment of new components last night. Often times when I buy a frame, it takes me a long while to finish the build. I've put hundreds of miles on this bike with junk I've had laying around the garage. Slowly, I'd buy a piece here or there and add it to the mix. But, alas, the build is finally done.
Most notable of the additions, perhaps, are the wheels. Black Deore disc hubs with black spokes mated with all black WTB Cross Country rims. I wanted the black on black action to match the bike's old army Jeep aesthetics. I went with disc hubs for future use. I think I'd really like to have a Disc Trucker in the stable one day. And every bit of this build kit could be moved over. But a disc hub and a rim-brake rim seem to be a great way to transition there.
Old Deore derailleur's front and back that I've had in the garage for a while. They're a little beat up, but work perfectly. New cassette is a 34-11. The 34 tooth cog is probably overkill. I had planned on just doing a 32-11 but the shop didn't have 32 in stock. Perhaps I'll be thankful for such a cog on a long tour some day. It was also a jump to 9 speed. I've been running my shifters in friction mode on an 8 speed cassette since I got the bike. This step up to 9 gives me the ability to go indexed (which I'm still unsure about).
Front Deore derailleur and new SRAM 48-38-28 crankset. Higher gearing up front than the previous MTB crankset that was on here.
And, with that, the bike is finished.

Finished. Feels kind of strange. But it's nice to have a project come to an end... especially when it ends exactly where you intended it to when you started. The bike is exactly what I wanted it to be when I bought the frame. That's a big accomplishment.

Now to go get this new stuff dirty.

Get out there.


  1. I had shied away from the LHT because I wanted basically a LHT but with disc brakes. Then recently I saw a LHT in PtP with discs. I'm sold.

    1. In many ways, I think a Disc LHT would be the ultimate bike if you were to only have one rig for dirt and road.