Just Riding

Yesterday was a day for commuting and a lunch ride. Jason and Pat met me at work for a run out through the bluegrass.
Jason is building up some mileage (as am I) to ride the Horsey Hundred century. He's riding a fancy carbon road bike from the shop. I'll be plodding along behind him on the LHT the entire way.
On the way back we grabbed a pizza to share. Looks like the trusty ol' LHT comes to the rescue with the front basket. I'm loving this thing. If I would take the time to write a post about the value of a front basket, it would be a strong endorsement.
Today's commute was uneventful. I was running later than usual, so I was cranking it the entire way. I saw this neon yellow shirt in the far distance when I first got on the bike path. But my tenacity to make it to work on time allowed me to eventually pass him. I see this guy a lot. He lives off the bike path and enjoys slow, casual rides in the mornings and afternoons. I think we could be friends. But not today. I had to get to the office.

Get out there.


  1. I'm trying to run up mileage for a mountain bike race, but am also planning on doing the Horsey so I can get the KY Century Challenge jersey.

    1. I'll wave to you on the Horsey as you blaze by me.

  2. I've long been considering the merits of a basket. Pizza transportation makes a convincing argument.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. You'd love it. It's incredibly practical. The aesthetics of it kept me from pulling the trigger. But the functionality is crazy awesome.