Downtown Riding

Today opened up an opportunity to ride my bike from our out-in-the-country campus to our have-to-ride-through-downtown campus. Riding in a more urban context is always an eye opener for me. My commute barely has be touching my brakes. I can ride for a mile at a time without looking at anything but my front tire. That's not the case with riding in the city.
I have to be honest, it's got me appreciating my rural rides. It's a blast to ride downtown. But I can't let my brain turn off like I do normally.
I even laughed at myself at one point for trying to find photos of something other than just cars. There's a lot more visual stimulants when riding in the city. But I think it overloaded my brain. I thanked God for my horses and green grass. It would take me hours to get to work if I had all these points of focus screaming at my camera every morning.
It was a great ride, though. It's 12 miles from office to office. Makes for a perfect mid-day run.
And I've got to hand it to Lexington. I spent a lot of time on bike lanes. Not bad for a smaller city.

Get out there.

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  1. Hey Derrick! I made you a little bike route to try next time and sent it to your Facebook inbox. Check it out and see what you think! -brian