Starting Early

The Troll just got it's first real bath since I built it up several months ago. The winters in Kentucky are wet. And with the excitement of a new mountain bike, I was riding despite the muddy conditions. So my boys helped me wash it the other day (my oldest daughter had very little interest in my muddy bike... she just wanted to spin around on the clean, pretty princess bike).

As we washed, we discussed the mechanics of every component. It was really fun for me to explain all of it to them and they LOVED understanding how it all worked together. We had a ton of fun together.

When I finished, I thought about how my first mechanical experience with a bicycle was about five years ago. These guys are getting an early start. It'll be cool for them to grow up around bikes. They love it and I love doing this kind of stuff with them. Good father/son/bike time. You can't beat that.

Get out there.