Single Speed Cross Check

This weekend I took the first ride out on the newly built single speed Cross Check. There are several things I learned. For one, I should spin around the neighborhood a few miles before I take a bike out to commute to work (when I'm trying to make it to a meeting on time). I had to stop three times to adjust or fix something and barely made it to my meeting Saturday. But aside from that, here's my thoughts.

New tires and fenders are a must. I've never had an issue with toe clearance before, but these 29er balloon tires and mega-fenders just don't work. Aside from my toe hanging over, the pedal alone nearly clips the fender. The geometry just doesn't work. But I've got some nice old aluminum fenders and smaller tires I can throw on there pretty easily.

Next, I'm not liking the gearing that I have to get with my rear wheel. I was just going to use an old wheel and cassette I had in the garage and not worry about running an actual single speed wheel. But my chain line is screwy and the quick release doesn't want to stay put. So I'm thinking I may head to the bike shop for a cheapo bolt-on wheel.

I'm slowly learning my lessons.

Get out there.

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