After being home with the kids over Christmas break and the baby's birth, it had been a while since I had had a good chunk of time in solitude. With four kids and an open schedule, it's easy to forget to work it in. I'm not the best at realizing when I need some alone time. Unfortunately, my wife is usually the one to let me know when my mood becomes a little foul. The good news is, I never got in a toxic mood this week. Angie just knows me well enough to send me out before I get too affected.
I took a few hours to venture off into the woods on Saturday after coordinating nap times for Angie's sake. It was perfect.
It was great for the heart. Riding the Troll in the woods is the perfect mix of excitement and serenity. One minute I'm bombing down a hill that's a little too muddy for safety's sake (pictured above). The next minute I'm standing in the middle of a big silent field, with no one in the world around me (pictured below).
I really love it. When there's no clock ticking, it's so easy to let a couple hours go by without realizing it. That's always a good sign for me that I needed to be alone. This trip felt like a few minutes. Not to mention that I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt in January. It was such warm weather, it felt like the day was tailor made to enhance my time. Beautiful.

Get out there.


  1. We all need that solitude...good for you for getting out. Angie is the perfect spouse for you.

    My husband sends me out also when the crankiness starts seeping in.

  2. With four youngsters, it must be quite a trick getting away for awhile. Good job.

    Of course, you'd better keep working "couple time" into the schedule as well. Or that whole supportive spouse thing could fall apart.

  3. @ anniebikes // Angie certainly is perfect!

    @ Pondero // Ha! No doubt! For me, needed solitude is like needing water... but needing Angie is like needing air! Somehow we do pretty good at dating one another. Especially with my paternity leave. We've had lots of time when the big kids are at school. But we certainly work hard to hang together as much as possible.