Slow and Steady

Today I rode the Xtracycle into work. It's my first commute since before the baby was born. I've been getting in some trail time here and there, but have had to play dad duty with the car for the majority of the last couple weeks. So commuting has falling to the wayside. It felt great to be back on but, man, was it slow!
I put the studded tires on the Xtra a couple weeks ago but haven't seen any snow yet. Despite today's temps in the low 20s, there was nothing on the ground. The manufacturer of the tires say to give them a settling period of a few miles before they see ice. That way, the studs can settle in the rubber before ice starts trying to pull them out.

So today's riding was on a heavy bike with heavy cargo (lots of work stuff) and major rolling resistance in the tires. I'm not complaining. When you ride for transportation, you're bound to have slow rides occasionally. But this one felt long!

Get out there.


  1. Sometimes I fly on my X, sometimes I poke. Since winter settled in I put MTB tires back on (I have chains for snow and ice) and I've noticed a difference. My X is my main go-to bike for everything. I love riding my MTB, but I also love having the FreeLoaders to cram stuff into. I tend to carry way too much stuff with me when I'm on it.

  2. @ Chris - I'm with you. Sometimes I can fly, sometimes I drag. Today was one that felt super low for some reason.