That pretty much describes the expression on my face for the entire commute today. After being out of commission for two weeks and having the weather turn like it has, the result was a stupid grin from ear to ear for all 11 miles.
I even took some extra time to hit up a little gravel double-track on the ride. This is exactly why I love the Cross Check. I was doing about 18mph on pavement and jumped right onto this little gravel road with ease. Very few bikes can make that transition period. The Cross Check does it with finesse.

This little road is fun. But the winter ice has brought lots of branches down... one of which smacked me in the shoulder while I was cranking pretty hard. Ouch. That's the type of thing that happens on a mountain bike ride. I'm proud to say I brought a similar injury to a bike commute. That's a good thing.

Hopefully, you guys and ladies that have bikes in the garage are feeling the call of this weather. If you're not, search for it. It's in there somewhere.

Get out there.

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  1. Derrick, Good spirit! I'm glad you are back on the saddle. I would hate if I had down time. Keep it up.