Seam Sealer

Today over lunch I ran out to the local outdoor supplier and grabbed some seam sealer for my tent. The last time I used it (four rainy days and nights), I had a little bit of water come through. This has been an awesome little tent for what I need it for. I'm hoping this sealer works. I've never liked a tent enough to try and stretch it's life. But a world with three kids means that I can't just head out and buy a new one.

It looks like this will be what I'm up to tonight. We'll see how it works. On a related note, I haven't been on the bike at all this week due to injury. I tweaked my neck somehow and have been in some major pain for the last couple days. As my wife said, "If you're taking medicine and not riding your bike, it must be bad."

Hopefully I can ditch the pain soon and hit the road on two wheels. Until then, I'll be active vicariously through working on my outdoor gear :)

Get out there.


  1. I have the exact same tent. Like many higher quality tents like yours, they didn't come with the seams sealed or taped. Which means they will leak. I seam sealed mine once when I got it back in 1999 and it has never leaked. Not even in a summer thunderstorm that dropped two inches of rain on me during the night one year. When sealed correctly it is one of the best tents in extreme weather.

  2. @ Doug - I'm with you... this tent is great in extreme weather. I've slept through some major monsoons while others suffered through a night of sogginess. The tent was sealed shortly after it was purchased, but it's been through a lot since that time. Here's to hoping it gets better soon :)

    Hey man,
    Sorry to hear about the blog, but mostly I'll be praying for Susan's recovery. Keep riding!