Early and Extended...

The snow is this year. Normally, we wouldn't see a decent snow until January. It's not really a thought in my mind until then. Here we were in early December with a legit accumulation. And this snow has lasted. Most of the snow we see is here today, gone tomorrow. This stuff has extended it's stay for a couple weeks. That's unusual for us, as well.

Does it mean this could be a cold and snowy winter? I have no idea. I like it either way. I figure if I'm going to be freezing, we may has well have the pretty white stuff to look at. It doesn't really affect riding too much. Just because we don't usually have snow doesn't mean we don't see ice. Slipping and sliding are there either way.

But today most of the snow in this pic will be gone. It's going to warm up quite a bit beyond freezing. But we'll have another chance at the cold stuff after the weekend.

Get out there.

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