Ride to Finchville

This weekend opened up an opportunity to ride a 66 miler to my in-laws house right outside of Louisville. My wife's sister is in town and we spent all weekend hanging at her parents' homestead. Sunday's weather was supposed to be in the 60's, so I took the chance to get in some longer mileage.
After about 20 miles, I started to get a little head throbbing. I figured a quick stop at the coffee shop might remedy a headache... Couldn't hurt, right?

Crossing the Kentucky River in Frankfort.
Falling water is always a nice soundtrack.
It doesn't look too fun anymore. There was some fun, strange architecture here, though...
This is the dirty, old remains of a putt-putt course.
Redneck trash heap. It looked like this was a residence. Yikes.
Hay bales, far off in the distance.

The ride went really well. I averaged about 15mph. The wind was in my favor for about one third of the trip. I was impressed with how well my legs held up. I haven't had many long rides recently, so was a little leery of whether or not my body would want to go the full distance, but it was all good.

The LHT was GREAT. Most of my long rides have been on the Cross Check... and I'd feel some pain. The LHT didn't give me any of the hand numbness or back pain that I used to feel on it's more road geometry'd brother. I was very pleased.
And after my arrival, the redneck festivities began. My brother-in-law lives in Seattle. He doesn't get to throw kerosine on fires there. Welcome to Kentucky, my friend.
The kids ran the tiny four-wheeler non-stop for two straight days. This is my six year old son pushing those 50 cc's to the limit.

Overall, it was a great weekend and a great ride. I'm so thankful the weather came on a weekend that allowed me to get on the bike. It couldn't have been better planned.

Get out there.


  1. Sounds like a fun ride! I'm from Frankfort, and oddly enough, I worked at the Starway Drive-In back when it was an actual drive-in theater. In fact, I was the very last projectionist hired there before it closed for good... which was nearly 22 years ago.

    1. That's hilarious. I've ridden by it twice before and never even saw it! I couldn't believe it was the first time I noticed it!

  2. Now that I'm back in the state I've hoped for some similar opportunities to ride, but I've realized...my family (and my wife's) all live too close to each other. Literally all within 10 miles of each other.

    The best I can hope for are some weekend tours to camping spots.

    Or maybe I need to meet some new friends a day's ride away...

    1. I'll be your friend that's a day's ride away :)

    2. Cool! Once we have our own place (living with my sister and family right now) maybe we can reciprocate weekend tours?

    3. Will you stay out there towards the Gorge area?

    4. Its up in the air right now. We've been talking about sticking to our rural county and buying some acreage. It would be affordable in Powell, not so much in Fayette or the surround horse kingdom.

      We want a little homestead where we can hippie-fy in peace.