Long Ride in the Dirt

Normally a dirt ride for me is a quick pedal in the morning before work or something during lunch break. That means I'm never in the saddle for more than an hour or so. But this weekend, my lovely wife had to take the kids to Louisville and offered to let me ride for a big three hour chunk. That meant I was able to do a lot more exploring than usual.

The photo above is a new creek crossing I'd never taken before. The creek is a little low right now. So this spot usually looks like the trail just rides into the water. But with extra time on my hands and more exposed creek bed  I was able to ride it to the other side and pick up a trail I'd never been on.
Often times, exploration means you're going to run into dead ends. That held true for this trip. There were a couple trails that slimmed down to nothing, eventually leading to thick, overgrown areas of nothingness. No problem for this ride, though. I had the time and mindset to just turn around and look for somewhere else to ride.
Eventually, I popped out into a familiar area and was able to cross the creek again at a low point. I love how something like rainfall affects the entire landscape and whether or not something is rideable. 

I had a great day in the sun and heat. I rode my normal trail route about twice as many times as usual and was able to get in some new stuff, too. It was a great time to be on a bike. Big thanks to Angie for letting me ride!

Get out there.

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