Maiden Voyage

You may recall that I purchased Doug's old Cross Check frame a few months ago and started to build a commuter bike with it. Well, winter riding was a bit more high maintenance than I had given it credit for and most of my wrenching time went to keeping all my other bikes together and running. There wasn't time to give attention to a hobby bike.

Last night I finished the first phase of the build and took it for a ride today. It's currently got a 1x8 drivetrain only because I didn't have a front derailleur that worked. But after riding it this morning, I like the idea of the simplicity.

I've almost decided to move the Jones H-Bars over to the Xtracycle and swap the Nitto North Roads over to this set-up. This bike will see a lot of use commuting and will also be ridden by my lovely wife. I think the Nittos will be a better application for them. Plus, I'm really toying with the idea of making the Xtracycle my "primary" bike. The H-Bars would give it a few more hand positions for longer rides.

Today's ride felt great and I'm excited to have another Cross Check in the garage as a commuter. It'll be a fun bike.

Get out there.


  1. So cool seeing the Cross Check being put to such good use. It should be right at home!

  2. The bike looks great, and it seems like a rather unique build ... I'm used to seeing Cross Checks with drop bars. It looks like it'd be a blast to ride!

  3. (I'm used to seeing THAT Cross Check with drop bars!)

  4. It'll be fun putting the Nitto Bars on Cross Check. I think it will look really really nice.