Bike Commuting Tool

This thing has really changed my ability for convenient computer transport on the bike. When the iPad first came out, I was a bit skeptical. And while I know it couldn't perform everything I need a computer to do, it does most of it pretty well. At this point, I'm sold.

The weight of my laptop in a pannier is certainly noticed. But the iPad can nestle right in there with my jeans and t-shirt without causing too much of a scene. The other benefit? E-Books. When I started commuting by bike, I stopped bringing home a backpack full of books and work stuff every night. And when you're sitting at home with no books, you're most likely not reading. I tend to read by mood, too. So even if I bring one book home, I may not jump into it if I'm in the mood for something else.

The iPad solves that. In one small package, I have my email, the web, a few dozen episodes of Seinfeld and a slew of books. That's a bike commuter's dream, if you ask me. Now I just bring my laptop home on the weekends and let the iPad handle the rest of the load. It works flawlessly.

I have a job that's very technology centered. I love when there's a good balance between the benefits of technology and the lifestyle of human-powered transportation. The iPad falls right in that balance.

Get out there.

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