My Ride

My daily commute is 11 miles each way and on mostly closed roads. It's really quite exquisite. As the weather warms up, I'm beginning to see the road workers come out to open up my private little dream road.

But could I complain? No way. All winter I've been able to ride solo for this long stretch. It is so pleasant to avoid the volume, odor and intimidation of cars being so close to me on the bike. And with all the snow we had this winter, it made me feel a lot safer to be on my own.

But these signs are coming down soon and the cars will come in with a rumble. The redeeming part of this story is what they're building along the new road.

A multi-use path will run the entire length of my commute when all is said and done. Maybe it will encourage more bike commuters to come out and play. I'd rather have a MUP full of cyclists than a two lane road all to myself. Maybe one day. I can't wait.

Get out there.

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